The top 10 weekly security news items and issues of this week.

  1. Google's CAPTCHA service is now invisible to humans. Google say they use an “advanced risk analysis engine” to separate users from bots.

  2. Facebook is to listen through their messaging service for messages talking about suicide. The idea will be to look out for certain key phrases and then refer the user to human beings on the Facebook staff, who can check they are OK.

  3. Stories have emerged about Uber's usage of Greyball, a software tool to attempt to identify government spys that might pose a threat to the company's business.

  4. According to Interpol, "Nigerian Prices" steal billions from Western businesses via fake email. Spoofed email and hidden malware attachments netted criminals in Africa more than 3 Billion USD over three years.

  5. Spammers publicise data after poorly set up rsync backups.

  6. Over 1 million Yahoo & Gmail accounts including email addresses, usernames, and plain-text passwords are reportedly for sale on the dark web.

  7. FBI drop Tor case to protect exploit code for Tor exploit used to find out real email addresses of criminal.

  8. WikiLeaks plans to share details about what it says are CIA hacking tools with the technology companies so that software fixes can be developed.

  9. Wildlife poachers and hunters are using tracking technology aimed at helping wildlife to hunt them.

  10. America auto-scanned visitors' social media profiles. The US Department of Homeland Security used software to scan social media accounts of people visiting America.