Office Move & Website Refresh

We've finished our office move over the past few month and now reside in Stockton's Fusion Hive building. To celebrate the move, we've give the website an update too.

Partner Programmes

Two partner programmes have been launched:

  • The first is for IT Support companies without dedicated cyber-security capacity, they can now offer our services through a white-labelled portal and earn themselves commission.
  • The second is aimed at digital or marketing agencies who deliver web projects, with an internal development team or use a third party for delivery. We can make sure any project that you deliver is secure, minimising any security risk and keeping your reputation intact.

Learn more with our cyber-security partner programmes.

New Tools

  • Email Check for Business - We actively track data leaks and hacks. If any of your employees fail to use a unique password for each individual website they access, you could be at risk of hackers finding out the other password and logging onto work systems as that employee. Try it on your own email here.
  • Continual Cyber Assurance - Our all-encompassing cyber-security service giving you the highest level of defence against attackers.