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IT Due Diligence for Organisations

Company Audit & Review

We can help new teams or new management understand the risks of current or legacy IT systems and where improvements can be made.

Software Products

We can work with a CTO or technical director to access and report on the quality and effectiveness of your system. We can deliver development reviews, code audits, and/or process assessment to investigate if your team:

This can be very useful to for management to get an independent outside perspective on how well the team are set up and producing work.

IT infrastructure

In cases where a company needs to review their current IT infrastructure or software North IT can review all systems and software use and produce a report detailing whether it is fit for purpose. We can look at alternative systems which can replace legacy systems and provide a 100-day plan to give guidance on how to improve, maintain or replace legacy systems to make the company more efficient, effective and secure.

How we’ve helped

A company has been using Windows installed software for over 10 years, it’s difficult to keep synchronised across multiple sites and departments. Processes have become convoluted and ad hoc methods and workarounds have become commonplace to make a system do what it wasn’t designed for and it can’t be changed or updated easily.

North IT can review the system, the business needs and then recommend a new system and produce a plan to transition to the new system.

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