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There were 2.46 million cyber attacks in the UK last year. Protect your business with our Penetration Testing services.

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Office & Web App Penetration Testing

Established in 2012, North IT & it's team of cyber security consultants have delivered office pen-tests & web app pen-tests to businesses large & small, reducing their information security risk. Our CREST pen-testers can help deliver web application penetration tests, office penetration tests and on-going vulnerability assessment services.

Penetration Testing Let our team simulate a hack attack on your network, servers, web/mobile application, or employees.
Vulnerability & Threat Monitoring Automated scanning will help detect standard software vulnerabilities and keep you secure.
Incident Management During or post-attack, we can support your hosting or development team to minimise damage.
App & Web Dev Support We have experienced web & app security specialists which can help your dev team stay secure.
Secure Hosting Let us handle all your hosting needs in our secure cloud with security and protection built-in.
Training & Awareness Don't let your staff be the weak link in the latest phishing or ransomware attack.

Who we work with:

We work with businesses big and small, private and public, web-based and more traditional, including:

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