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Red Teaming Assessment

A realistic attack simulation including all potential attack vectors

What is Red Teaming Assessment ?

Red Teaming is a comprehensive security assessment methodology that involves simulating real-world cyberattacks to evaluate an organisation's security posture. Unlike traditional penetration testing, Red Teaming goes beyond identifying vulnerabilities to test an organisation's detection and response capabilities, providing a holistic view of its cybersecurity readiness.

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Benefits of our Red Teaming Assessment

Most realistic
Security Assessment
Enhanced Security
Includes All
Attack Vectors
Identifies Gaps
in detection & response

Common Red Teaming Assessment Findings


People are usually the weakest link. Phishing or social engineering usually can capture passwords.

External Network

VPNs or other internal services may be susceptible to brute force attacks, or failure to enforce MFA.

Physical Security

WIFIs not segregating guest traffic, plugging in a device to a wall port, or asking teams to insert USB sticks.

Website Security

Internal portals, forgotten assets with sensitive information, and hosting vulnerable sites on the local network.

How does Red Teaming Assessment work?

Red Teaming works by emulating the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real-world threat actors to assess an organisation's defenses. It involves thorough reconnaissance, planning, and execution of simulated cyberattacks across various attack vectors, including social engineering, network infiltration, and data exfiltration. It may include on-site and physical security scenarios. The goal is to identify weaknesses in both technical controls, human factors, and physical security, to help organisations strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.

Red Teaming Assessment FAQ

How does Red Teaming differ from traditional penetration testing?

While traditional penetration testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities, Red Teaming goes beyond by simulating realistic cyberattacks to evaluate an organisation's detection and response capabilities, providing a more comprehensive assessment of its security posture.

Who conducts Red Teaming exercises?

Qualified cybersecurity professionals with expertise in offensive security techniques and threat emulation typically conduct Red Teaming exercises.

How can I prepare for a Red Teaming exercise?

Prepare for a Red Teaming exercise by understanding your environment, identifying critical assets, reviewing security controls, training personnel, and coordinating with the Red Teaming personnel.

How much does Red Teaming cost?

It depends on the size of the business and avilable attack vectors. We'll create one or more scenarios which will usually include people and online engagements, and may include on-site or physical attempts.

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