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Phishing Simulation

Superior manual & automated testing & training. Custom targetted campaigns.

What is Phishing Simulation ?

Phishing Simulation involves the creation and execution of simulated phishing attacks to assess an organisation's susceptibility to phishing scams. Phishing simulation tests help organisations identify vulnerabilities in their security awareness training programs and implement measures to mitigate the risk of real phishing attacks.

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Benefits of our Phishing Simulation

Increased Employee Awareness
On-going testing
Testing Dashboard
Training can be Provided

Common Phishing Simulation Findings

Employee Awareness

Lack of Employee Awareness Regarding Phishing Techniques

Suspicious Email Training

Failure to Recognize Suspicious Emails or URLs

Red Flag Training

Inadequate Training on Phishing Red Flags

Password & MFA

Weak Password Management Practices

How does Phishing Simulation work?

Phishing Simulation begins with the creation of realistic phishing emails or messages designed to mimic real-world phishing attacks.These simulated phishing emails are then sent to employees within the organization to gauge their response and susceptibility to phishing scams. Detailed reports are generated based on employee interactions, highlighting areas of improvement and providing insights for enhancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience.

Phishing Simulation FAQ

How can phishing simulation benefit organizations in the UK?


How often should organizations conduct phishing simulation tests in the UK?

Can phishing simulation tests prevent all phishing attacks in the UK?

Whats the difference between automated and manual phishing simulation?

How much does a phishing simulation cost?

Our phishing simulation costs a between £0.20 and £1 per employee, per month. Volume discounts are available. Campaigns will be customised to the business to provide a real-world simulation. This can be purchased individually or part of our cyber assurance package.

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