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A robust security standard aimed at enhancing the resilience of mobile applications.

What is OWASP MASVS Audit ?

The OWASP MASVS Audit, or Mobile Application Security Verification Standard Audit, is a comprehensive framework designed to evaluate and improve the security posture of mobile applications. It provides developers, security professionals, and auditors with a structured approach to identify and address security vulnerabilities in mobile apps. By adhering to the OWASP MASVS Audit guidelines, organizations can mitigate risks associated with mobile application security and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

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Benefits of our OWASP MASVS Audit

Enhances the security posture
Demonstrate compliance
Mobile application security
Builds trust

Common OWASP MASVS Audit Findings


Insufficient authentication mechanisms, such as weak passwords or lack of multi-factor authentication.

Data storage

Insecure data storage, such as storing sensitive information in plain text or using weak encryption methods.

Vulnerabilities related to insecure communication channels, such as transmitting data over unencrypted connections.


Lack of proper input validation, leading to injection attacks like SQL injection or Cross-Site Scripting.

How does OWASP MASVS Audit work?

The OWASP MASVS Audit works by providing a set of security requirements and controls specifically tailored for mobile applications. It guides developers through the process of implementing security measures at various stages of the mobile app development lifecycle. By following the guidelines outlined in the OWASP MASVS Audit, developers can build more secure mobile applications and reduce the risk of security breaches.


What is the significance of OWASP MASVS Audit for mobile applications in the UK?

The OWASP MASVS Audit is crucial for UK mobile applications as it ensures compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR, safeguarding user data.

Do I need to give over the source code for a OWASP MASVS Audit?

There are three levels of compliance. With L1 it is possible to test without access to the source code. With L2 and L3, the audit team need access to the source code.

How can implementing OWASP MASVS Audit benefit UK-based app developers?

Implementing OWASP MASVS Audit helps UK app developers build secure applications, fostering trust among users and reducing the risk of regulatory penalties.

Are there specific requirements for mobile applications targeting the UK market under OWASP MASVS Audit?

While OWASP MASVS Audit provides general security standards, UK-specific regulations and industry best practices should also be considered for mobile apps.

How does OWASP MASVS Audit address the unique security challenges faced by mobile applications in the UK?

OWASP MASVS Audit offers guidelines tailored to mobile app security, including considerations for UK-specific threats such as data breaches and compliance requirements.

Can organizations in the UK benefit from OWASP MASVS Audit even if they operate internationally?

Yes, implementing OWASP MASVS Audit enhances the security of mobile applications regardless of geographic location, ensuring robust protection for users worldwide, including those in the UK.

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