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Perimeter Network Penetration Testing

By expert and certified CREST, OffSec, and CyberScheme pen-testers.

What is Perimeter Network Penetration Testing?

Perimeter Network Penetration Testing assesses the security of an organisation's external network boundary. It identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the perimeter defences, such as firewalls and routers. This testing aims to prevent unauthorised access and protect sensitive data from external threats.

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Benefits of our Perimeter Network Penetration Testing

Identify External Vulnerabilities
Improve External Security
Expert remediation advice
Free Re-testing (6 week limit)

Common Perimeter Network Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties

Misconfigured Firewall

Weak or misconfigured firewall configurations allowing unauthorised access.

Vulnerable Services

Vulnerable network services exposed to the internet.

Intrusion Detection

Inadequate intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Remove Access

Misconfigured VPNs and remote access gateways.

How does Perimeter Network Pen Testing work?

Perimeter Network Penetration Testing works by simulating external cyberattacks against an organisation's network perimeter. It involves scanning and probing external-facing systems to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Through comprehensive testing, potential entry points for attackers are uncovered and recommendations for fortifying perimeter defenses are provided.

Perimeter Network Pentesting FAQ

Why is Perimeter Network Penetration Testing important?

Perimeter Network Penetration Testing is crucial for businesses to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their network perimeter, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches from external threats.

Who conducts Perimeter Network Penetration Testing?

Qualified cybersecurity professionals with expertise in network security and penetration testing methodologies typically conduct Perimeter Network Penetration Testing.

When should organizations perform Perimeter Network Penetration Testing?

Organisations should perform Perimeter Network Penetration Testing regularly, especially after significant changes to the network perimeter or before deploying new external-facing systems, to ensure their security and resilience against external threats.

How much does Perimeter Network Penetration Testing cost?

For single IP addresses Perimeter Network pen-tests can be low-cost, for larger IP ranges they will cost more. To find out, contact North IT for a quote.

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