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Web App Pen Testing

By certified pen-testers who are ex-developers. Free re-testing & remediation support.

What is Web App Penetration Testing?

Web App Penetration Testing involves assessing the security of web applications by simulating real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It aims to uncover potential entry points for attackers and provide actionable insights to mitigate security risks, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and user privacy.

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Benefits of our Web App Penetration Testing

remediation support
Compliance &
industry standards
Free re-testing
(within 6 weeks)
Improve your
security posture

Common Web App Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties


Injection flaws such as SQL injection and command injection.

Cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting (XSS) and other client-side vulnerabilities.


Authentication and authorization issues, including weak passwords and inadequate access controls.


Insecure direct object references allowing unauthorised access to sensitive data.

How does Web App Pen Testing work?

Web App Penetration Testing works by simulating cyberattacks against web applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their security defences. Web app pen-testing is mostly manual testing. Through thorough testing and analysis, the goal is to assess the resilience of web applications against potential threats and provide recommendations for remediation. Best performed with pen-testers who have extensive experience in development, like our team here! We test against the OWASP guidelines, and not just the 'top 10'.

Web App Pentesting FAQ

Does Web App Penetration Testing come with free re-testing?

Many penetration testing firms do not offer re-testing services. However, North IT recognises the importance of penetration testing in showcasing security posture to external stakeholders so we offer complimentary re-testing and reporting.

Does Aeb App Penetration Testing come with help to fix the issues?

While many penetration testing organisations are not able to provide remediation support, North IT stands out by offering complimentary guidance in remediation. Leveraging our team's background as former developers, we provide valuable knowledge transfer to development teams regarding cybersecurity while addressing issues. Our goal is to ensure your development team comprehends why and how to rectify issues, preventing the recurrence of mistakes or security vulnerabilities in future projects.

Why is Web App Penetration Testing important for businesses?

Web App Penetration Testing refers to the practice of assessing the security of web applications to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, ensuring their resilience against cyber threats.

Who conducts Web App Penetration Testing?

Qualified cybersecurity professionals, usually with backgrounds in development, and expertise in web application security typically conduct Web App Penetration Testing.

When should organisations perform Web App Penetration Testing?

Organisations should perform Web App Penetration Testing regularly, especially after significant changes to web applications or before deploying them to production environments, to ensure their security and resilience against cyber threats.

How much does Penetration Testing cost?

Small web app pen-tests start from around £1,800, medium sized applications are around £3,500, and large app pen-tests and be around £5,000 or above. With North IT, remediation support by ex-developers and re-testing are included at no additional cost.

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