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Mobile App Penetration Testing

By certified pen-testers who are ex-app developers. Free re-testing & remediation support.

What is Mobile App Penetration Testing?

Mobile App Penetration Testing involves evaluating the security of mobile applications by simulating real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It aims to assess the resilience of mobile apps against potential threats and provide actionable insights to mitigate security risks, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and user privacy.

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Benefits of our Mobile App Penetration Testing

Expert remediation
Compliance &
Regulatory Requirements
Free re-testing
(within 6 weeks)
Improves overall
security posture

Common Mobile App Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties

Insecure data

Insecure data storage leading to data leakage.

Authentication & Authorisation

Lack of proper authentication and authorisation mechanisms.

Secure Transport

Vulnerabilities in insecure data transmission, such as insufficient encryption.


Client-side vulnerabilities like insecure coding practices and insufficient input validation.

How does Mobile App Pen Testing work?

Mobile App Penetration Testing works by conducting comprehensive assessments of mobile applications to identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It involves analyzing various components of the mobile app, including the client-side code, server-side APIs, and data storage mechanisms. Through a combination of manual testing and automated scanning, potential vulnerabilities are uncovered and prioritized for remediation.

Mobile App Pentesting FAQ

Why is Mobile App Penetration Testing important for businesses?

Mobile App Penetration Testing is crucial for businesses to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in their mobile applications, reducing the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Who conducts Mobile App Penetration Testing?

Qualified cybersecurity professionals with expertise in mobile application security who are usually ex-developers typically conduct Mobile App Penetration Testing.

When should Mobile App Penetration Testing be completed?

Organisations should perform Mobile App Penetration Testing regularly, at least yearly. Especially after significant changes to mobile applications or before deploying them to production environments, to ensure their security and resilience against cyber threats before release.

How much does Mobile App Penetration Testing cost?

Small mobile app pen-tests start from around £1,800, medium sized mobile application pen-tests are around £3,500, and large app pen-tests and be around £5,000 or above. API testing and web app testing is included. With North IT, remediation support by ex-app developers and re-testing are included at no additional cost.

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