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Secure Code Audits

In-depth assessments to help you stay secure

What is Secure Code Audits ?

A secure code audit is a systematic review process that involves examining the source code of software applications to identify and address security vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It aims to ensure that the code adheres to secure coding practices and standards, reducing the risk of exploitation by malicious actors and enhancing overall software security. It can find vulnerabilities that pen-testing can not, including backdoors.

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Benefits of our Secure Code Audits

Finds more
than pen-tests
Improves code
quality & security
On-going learning
improves code
Free attendance
to AppSec Academy

Common Secure Code Audits Findings

Injection Attacks

Injection flaws such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS)


Usually not malicious in nature, but finding ways to bypass authentication and authorisation for ease of use.


Vulnerabilities related to insecure configuration settings or hardcoded credentials.


APIs that fail to check privileges will often permit authorised users getting access to admin data or functionality.

How does Secure Code Audits work?

Secure code auditing works by analysing the source code of software applications using automated tools and manual review techniques. The process involves examining the codebase for known security vulnerabilities, coding errors, and deviations from secure coding practices. Through thorough analysis and testing, vulnerabilities are identified, categorised, and prioritised for remediation, ensuring that the code is resilient against cyber threats.

Secure Code Audits FAQ

Who performs Secure Code Audit?

Active or ex-developers who are qualified in cybersecurity and have expertise in secure coding practices and software security. Be wary of pen-testers performing this task if they have no background as a developer.

When should Secure Code Audit be conducted?

Secure Code Audit should be conducted regularly throughout the software development lifecycle, ideally during the development and testing phases and before deployment to production environments.

Why is Secure Code Audit important for software development?

Secure Code Audit is crucial for identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle, reducing the risk of exploitation and enhancing overall software security.

How much does a Secure Code Audit cost?

It depends on the size of the codebase and different languages used.

How can I count the lines of the code?

Use a tool called cloc by Al Danial, it will allow you to differentiate languages along with identify empty lines to allow North IT to produce a quote.

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