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Attack Surface Assessment

Discover and analyse likely attack vectors, the first step in improving your security posture.

What is Attack Surface Assessment ?

Improve your cybersecurity posture more effectively with an attack surface assessment. Often the first step in cyber security assessment, it should be undertaken prior to any penetration testing or auditing.

Our team will evaluate the threat landscape of your organisaion including online and offline technology, people, and processes. Allowing you to make the most efficient investment in cybersecurity improvement.

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Benefits of our Attack Surface Assessment

the Risks
Invest with
Review All
Threat Vectors
Not Just
Online Threats

Common Attack Surface Assessment Findings

Old Servers

Often old and out of date devices, servers, and systems are located, posing an unknown risk.


Engineers making life easier, but putting systems, data, and functionality at risk.


Leaked or brute-forced credentials outside of the scoped test can lead to a data breach.

People Risks

Failure to understand the risk posed by people, even with the most secure technology.

How does Attack Surface Assessment work?

An Attack Surface Assessment works by systematically evaluating the digital footprint and potential entry points that could be exploited by attackers to infiltrate an organisation's network or systems. Starting with a comprehensive reconnaissance to identify all assets, including devices, applications, networks, and data repositories, associated with the organisation's digital infrastructure. This is followed by enumeration, analysis, risk identification, risk prioritization, and finally delivery of our recommendations report.

Attack Surface Assessment FAQ

Why should an Attack Surface Assessment be completed?

It allows test teams to fully understand the functioanlity, complexity, and have a full scope to allow the most enchanhed testing possible. Unknown or unused endpoints can be the weak link, and often the reason for data breaches.

How often should an Attack Surface Assessment be performed?

An Attack Surface Assessment should be performed prior to any pen-test or assessment.

What does a Business Attack Surface Assessment involve?

A Business Attack Surface Assessment will involve the full business including online, offline, and people risks.

How much does an Attack Surface Assessment cost?

It depends on complexity of the business, if the assessment includes online, offline, people, or all aspects where an attack may be possible. Email us or call us using the links above for a quote.

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