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API Penetration Testing UK

For mobile, web, desktop, & IOT devices.

What is API Penetration Testing?

API penetration testing involves evaluating the security of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers.

By simulating real-world attack scenarios, API penetration testing helps organisations ensure the integrity and security of their APIs and the data they transmit.

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Benefits of our API Penetration Testing

Free Re-Testing
(within 6 weeks)
Free Remediation
Support by Ex-Devs
Increased Cyber
Security Posture
Protection from
API Data Leaks

Common API Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties

Insecure Endpoints

APIs without proper authentication or with misconfigured permissions

Data Leakage

Exposing more information than intended, especially sensitive data

Broken Authentication

Flaws in API token generation, renewal, or validation

Injection Attacks

SQL, NoSQL, and Command injections that can manipulate or expose data

How does API Pen Testing work?

API penetration testing works by systematically assessing the security of APIs through various techniques, including manual testing and automated tools. Testers analyse API endpoints, request and response structures, authentication mechanisms, and data validation processes to identify vulnerabilities. Findings are then documented, and recommendations for remediation are provided to enhance API security.

API Pentesting FAQ

Why is API penetration testing important?

API penetration testing is crucial for uncovering vulnerabilities in API implementations, safeguarding sensitive data, and maintaining the integrity of digital systems and applications.

How often should API penetration testing be conducted?

API penetration testing should be performed regularly, ideally after any significant changes to the API or application, and as part of routine security assessments to ensure continuous protection against evolving threats.

How can I prepare for API penetration testing?

To prepare for API penetration testing, ensure clear documentation of API endpoints, authentication mechanisms, and data validation processes. Collaborate with experienced testers to define testing objectives and provide necessary access permissions for thorough assessments.

How much does an API penetration test cost?

It depends on the size of the API and the functions it uses. Email us or call us using the links above for a quote.

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