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FOSS Audit

Reduce open source risks with our expert FOSS Audits

What is FOSS Audit ?

Many companies opt for open source software in their product development endeavors. For investors in software companies, understanding the software components is crucial. Most software firms rely on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to bolster their products, yet oversight in tracking usage and licensing can occur. Ensuring proper licensing and compliance becomes increasingly complex as software projects expand, presenting a legal challenge for many teams. Neglecting proper implementation of FOSS code can compromise the viability of commercial code, as Open Source regulations may require adaptations to be contributed back to the original project for communal benefit.

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Benefits of our FOSS Audit

Red Flag Report
Reduce open source risk
Reduced transaction csot
Improves understanding

Why get FOSS Audit?

During development, developers frequently use source code from various online platforms to speed up delivery. These will likely be open source, and the developer may not realise the impact of using code licenced to GPL or AGPL for example, both of which require you to open-source the project it is used in and it may remove any proprietary intellectual property that the business thought it had. This can be important during M&A transactions as it can severely impact the deal if the value of the business is based around their software.
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