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Code Security Audit

Secure your app

Our security researchers can review your source code to make sure there are no security flaws which would help a user of the software or website gain access to areas they should not, restricted databases, or the potential to include their own code on the website. However, the actual purpose of code auditing is to check whether any functions or techniques are vulnerable. For example C/C++ strcpy () and strcat() can be vulnerable to buffer overflow, or web apps can allow XSS or SQL injection, along with many other potential risks including any client/server messaging.

Our web/app pen test can pick up any problems with web-facing applications, but a code-audit is more in-depth and can pick up potential issues which may not currently be visible to the front-end user.

Please enter your email address to see if it's been leaked along with any other personal data or passwords. This is a free service, and we will not store your email address, but you have the opportuniy for us to store it and alert you of any new threats.