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Social Engineering

Increase organisation resilience against social engineering attacks

What is Social Engineering ?

Social Engineering is used to manipulatle individuals or organisations into divulging sensitive information or performing actions that compromise security. Social Engineering tactics can take various forms from simple phishing emails, to advanced video/voice AI tools to impersonating trusted individuals, or just taking advantage of a helpful receptionist.

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Benefits of our Social Engineering

Heightened Employee Awareness and Vigilance
Improved Detection and Response to Attack
Enhanced Security Culture
Reduced Risk of Financial Losses

Common Social Engineering Findings


Lack of Employee Awareness Training


Inadequate Verification Procedures for Access Requests


Over-reliance on Email Communication for Sensitive Information


Failure to Implement Multi-factor Authentication

How does Social Engineering work?

Our audits will put your organisation's resilience to the test and provide useful feedback to strengthening your business, to protect it and reduce the risk when real against real attackers. This may involve simulations using on-line and off-line means, we'll help determine the areas at risk during the engagement.

Social Engineering FAQ

What are some common examples of social engineering attacks in the UK?

Common social engineering attacks in the UK include phishing emails impersonating trusted organizations, pretexting phone calls posing as IT support, and baiting schemes offering enticing rewards.

How can businesses in the UK protect themselves against social engineering attacks?

Businesses can mitigate the risk of social engineering attacks by providing comprehensive employee awareness training, implementing multi-factor authentication, and fostering a culture of skepticism towards unsolicited requests for sensitive information.

Are there specific industries in the UK more vulnerable to social engineering attacks?

Industries dealing with sensitive data such as finance, healthcare, and government sectors are often targeted more frequently by social engineering attacks due to the potential for financial gain or access to valuable information.

Can technology alone prevent social engineering attacks in the UK?

While technology solutions like email filters and endpoint protection can help mitigate social engineering risks, employee education and awareness training remain crucial in preventing successful attacks.

What should I do if I suspect I've been targeted by a social engineering attack in the UK?

If you suspect you've been targeted by a social engineering attack, report it to your organization's IT security team immediately, refrain from disclosing any further information, and educate others within your organization about the incident to prevent similar attacks.

What does social engineering simulations cost in the UK?

Costs can change depending on the size and scope of the tests. For a quote, contact North IT.

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