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Partner Programmes

Partner Programmes for IT Support Companies & Digital/Marketing Agencies

We have a number of partner programmes to help small to medium businesses without dedicated cyber-security capability:

IT Support Partner

Our partner programme works with IT support companies who don’t have qualified and dedicated specialist security staff. It gives the business the ability to offer extra security related services to their customers through a generically branded or white-labelled portal. We have a number of levels of commission based on the yearly value of sales you generate.

Agency Partner

For digital & marketing agencies with a development team, who are delivering digital and web based solutions to clients, we can keep your reputation intact if a security breach were to happen. We keep your solutions secure, we can help set up secure hosting systems, secure your processes, check your code, penetration/vulnerability test your websites, and you’ll always have a security expert to call on for any advice. As a partner you’ll get generously discounted services depending on the amount of work we do together.

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