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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing

From chat-bots to automated process processes. Keep your data secure!

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing involves assessing the security of AI systems to uncover vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors. It encompasses evaluating the robustness of AI algorithms, data inputs, and system configurations to ensure resilience against cyber threats. Through rigorous testing and analysis, AI Penetration Testing aims to fortify AI systems against attack.

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Benefits of our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing

AI Training
High Quality
Data Breaches

Common Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties

Adversarial attacks

Trgeting AI models, such as data poisoning or model evasion techniques.


Fairness issues in AI algorithms leading to discriminatory outcomes

Data Pipelines

Testing storage systems exposing sensitive information

AI Training

Insecure APIs or model update mechanisms

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pen Testing work?

Artificial Intelligence Pen-testing involves a systematic evaluation of AI systems to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities. It entails understanding the architecture, algorithms, and data flow of the AI system. Various techniques including adversarial testing and fuzzing are employed to assess its security posture.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pentesting FAQ

Why is Artificial Intelligence penetration testing important?

AI Penetration Testing is crucial to ensure the security and reliability of AI systems, protecting against adversarial attacks, biases, data breaches, and unauthorized access.

How often should Artificial Intelligence penetration testing be conducted?

The frequency of AI Penetration Testing depends on factors such as the complexity of the AI system, regulatory requirements, and changes in the threat landscape, but it's generally recommended to conduct it regularly, especially after significant system updates or deployments. Most AI tests are done at least once a year and on any code update.

Who conducts Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetration Testing?

Software pen-testing specialists such as North IT. Confirm testers have the suitable background or previous career in software development and have suitable experience in Artificial Intelligence/AI.

How much does an Artificial Intelligence pen-test cost?

It depends on complexity of the algorithms and the size of the application, the use-case and the data used in training. Email us or call us using the links above for a quote.

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