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Blockchain Penetration Testing

For crypto, smart-contracts, and other decentralised data bases.

What is Blockchain Penetration Testing?

Pen-testing Blockchain involves testing the blockchains or distributed ledger technologies (DLT), to validate transaction or bundle of transactions.

Cryptographic chain validation is checked to confirm that your smart contract, or application's blockchain is secure and that threat actors can not tamper with the chain.

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Benefits of our Blockchain Penetration Testing

Increased Cyber
Security Posture
Validation of
Smart Contracts

Common Blockchain Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties

51% Attack

Attacker has more than half of the networks computational power, manipulating transactions and double-spending.

Sybil Attack

Creating multiple fake identities or nodes on a network to gain control or disrupt the network’s consensus.

Smart Contract

Self-executing pieces of code on blockchains. Code review will help prevent code based vulnerabilities.


DDoS can render the network temporarily unusable, impacting user experience and causing financial losses.

How does Blockchain Pen Testing work?

Blockchain Penetration Testing involves a number of attack simulations such as poor consensus algorithms, the backbone of blockchain networks. Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanisms are tested to prove they can not be manipulated, leading to centralisation risks and undermining the very principles of decentralisation.

Blockchain Pentesting FAQ

Why is Blockchain penetration testing important?

Blockchain Penetration Testing is crucial to ensure the integrity and security of blockchain systems, preventing unauthorized access, data breaches, and financial losses.

How often should Blockchain penetration testing be conducted?

The frequency of Blockchain Penetration Testing depends on factors such as the complexity of the blockchain network, regulatory requirements, and changes in the threat landscape, but it's typically performed annually or after significant system changes.

Who performs Blockchain Penetration Testing?

App pen-testing specialists such as North IT. Be wary of generic pen-test companies, or if their tester does not have the suitable experience in software development, smart-contracts and blockchain.

How much does an Blockchain penetration test cost?

It depends on complexity of the algorithms and smart-contract code. Email us or call us using the links above for a quote.

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