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Web App Ethical Hacking

By certified ethical hackers. Free re-testing & remediation support.

What is Web App Ethical Hacking ?

Web App Ethical Hacking involves evaluating the security of web applications through authorised simulated attacks. It aims to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in web applications, ensuring they are addressed to prevent malicious exploitation and enhance overall security.

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Benefits of our Web App Ethical Hacking

remediation support
Mitigates vulnerabilities in web apps
Free re-testing
(within 6 weeks)
Improve the app's security posture

Common Web App Ethical Hacking Findings

SQL Injection

SQL Injection flaws, a common vulnerability to breach personal data.


Cross-site scripting flaws enabling malicious script injection


Authentication and session management weaknesses leading to unauthorized access..


Lack of input validation allowing for manipulation and exploitation.

How does Web App Ethical Hacking work?

Web App Ethical Hacking Testing works by simulating real-world cyberattacks on web applications. Ethical hackers employ various techniques to identify vulnerabilities, such as manual testing and automated scanning tools. By mimicking attacker behaviours, potential weaknesses are discovered and reported for remediation. Our ethical hackers will test against the OWASP guidelines, not just the 'top 10'.

Web App Ethical Hacking FAQ

What are the deliverables of Web App Ethical Hacking Testing engagements?

The deliverables typically include a detailed report outlining identified vulnerabilities, their severity levels, and recommendations for remediation to enhance the security posture of web applications.

Who conducts Web App Ethical Hacking?

Qualified ethical hackers, also known as penetration testers, conduct Web App Ethical Hacking Testing using specialized tools and methodologies to identify and report vulnerabilities.

When should organisations perform Web App Ethical Hacking?

Organizations should perform Web App Ethical Hacking Testing regularly, especially after significant changes to web applications or before deploying new features, to ensure continuous security improvement.

How much does Web App Ethical Hacking cost?

Small web app assessments start from around £1,800, medium sized applications are around £3,500, and large app engagements and be around £5,000 or above. With North IT, remediation support by ex-developers and re-testing are included at no additional cost.

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