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Pen Test as a Service Subscription

Regular security assessments, simple monthly payment

What is Pen Test as a Service Subscription ?

Pen Test as a Service Subscription is a proactive cybersecurity solution that provides organisations with regular penetration testing assessments. Through this service, expert teams simulate real-world attacks to uncover potential vulnerabilities within the organisation's systems and networks. It offers a systematic approach to strengthening security measures and mitigating risks effectively.

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Benefits of our Pen Test as a Service Subscription

Continuous security monitoring.
Timely identification of vulnerabilities.
Cost-effective compared to ad-hoc testing.
Access to skilled security professionals.

How does Pen Test as a Service Subscription work?

Upon subscribing, the organisation provides access to its systems and networks to the pen-testing team. The team then employs various techniques and tools to simulate attacks, including vulnerability scanning, network analysis, and social engineering or red-reaming depending on requirements. After each assessment, the team delivers detailed reports outlining discovered vulnerabilities and recommended remediation steps to improve overall security posture. Regular testing cycles ensure continuous monitoring and enhancement of cybersecurity resilience.