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Aviation Pen Testing

Delivered by expert penetration testers in the UK

What is Aviation Penetration Testing?

Aviation Penetration Testing evaluates the security of airports, aviation systems and networks through simulated cyberattacks. It aims to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in aviation infrastructure to prevent potential cyber threats and ensure aviation safety and security.

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Benefits of our Aviation Penetration Testing

Identifies & mitigates vulnerabilities
Compliance with aviation regulations
Improves the overall security posture
Provides assurance to stakeholders

Common Aviation Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties

Communication Systems

Weaknesses in aircraft communication systems.

Security Measures

Inadequate security measures in aviation software and applications.


Misconfigured network infrastructure at airports and aviation facilities.

Access Control

Legacy RFID access control systems rather than more secure NCF or other modern technology

How does Aviation Pen Testing work?

Aviation Penetration Testing works by simulating cyberattacks against aviation systems and networks. It involves assessing the security controls, configurations, and architecture of aviation infrastructure, including aircraft systems, ground control systems, and airport networks. Through comprehensive testing, potential vulnerabilities are identified, prioritized, and remediated to enhance aviation and border security.

Aviation Pentesting FAQ

Why is Aviation Penetration Testing important for airports and aviation businesses?

Aviation Penetration Testing is crucial for aviation organisations to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their systems and networks, reducing the risk of cyber threats and ensuring aviation safety for passengers and personnel.

Who conducts Aviation Penetration Testing?

Qualified cybersecurity professionals with expertise in aviation security and red-teaming or penetration testing methodologies suitable for Aviation Penetration Testing.

When should organisations perform Aviation Penetration Testing?

Aviation organisations should perform Aviation Penetration Testing regularly, especially after significant changes to aviation systems or networks, to ensure their security and resilience against cyber threats.

How much does Aviation Penetration Testing cost?

Penetration Testing in the Aviation industry can range widely depending on what is being tested. Contact North IT for a quote.

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