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Maritime Penetration Testing

Ensuring the safety and integrity of maritime operations, from ports to boat networks

What is Maritime Penetration Testing?

Maritime Penetration Testing involves assessing the security of maritime systems, networks, and vessels through simulated cyberattacks to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It aims to evaluate the resilience of maritime environments against potential threats such as unauthorized access, data breaches, and manipulation of vessel systems. Maritime Penetration Testing helps maritime organizations in the UK safeguard critical infrastructure, maritime operations, and onboard systems from cyber threats.

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Benefits of our Maritime Penetration Testing

Expert Certified Pen-Testers
Fixed Cost Testing
Free Remediation Support
Free Re-Testing Included

Common Maritime Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties


Weak Authentication Mechanisms for Maritime Systems

Remote Access

Insecure Remote Access to Vessel Control Systems

Network Segmentation

Lack of Network Segmentation and Access Controls


Insufficient Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Among Crew Members

How does Maritime Pen Testing work?

Maritime Penetration Testing begins with a comprehensive assessment of maritime systems, networks, and vessel infrastructure to identify potential security vulnerabilities. Skilled penetration testers simulate various attack scenarios, such as remote exploitation, vessel hijacking, and data exfiltration, to assess the security posture of maritime environments. Detailed reports are generated, outlining discovered vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for remediation to enhance the cybersecurity resilience of maritime operations and infrastructure.
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