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Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing

Our specialized testing services help identify and mitigate security risks in pharmaceutical systems

What is Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing?

Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing involves evaluating the cybersecurity resilience of systems and networks within pharmaceutical companies. It aims to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in these systems that could be exploited by cyber attackers, potentially compromising the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive pharmaceutical data. By conducting Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing, companies in the pharmaceutical industry can proactively strengthen their security measures, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and protect critical research and patient information.

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Benefits of our Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing

Fixed Cost Testing
Free Re-Testing Included
Free Remediation Support
Expert Certified Pen-Testers

Common Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing Vulnerabilties


Lack of employee training and awareness regarding cybersecurity best practices in the pharmaceutical industry


Vulnerabilities in electronic medical record (EMR) systems used to store patient data

Supply Chain Attack

Weaknesses in supply chain management software, potentially exposing pharmaceutical products to tampering or counterfeit

Remote Access

Insecure authentication methods for accessing pharmaceutical databases and systems

How does Pharmaceutical Pen Testing work?

Pharmaceutical Penetration Testing begins with a thorough assessment of the company's IT infrastructure, including software applications, databases, and network architecture. Ethical hackers simulate various cyber attack scenarios, such as ransomware attacks or data breaches, to identify potential vulnerabilities and entry points. The findings are documented in a comprehensive report, accompanied by actionable recommendations for mitigating identified risks and enhancing the overall cybersecurity posture of the pharmaceutical company in the UK.
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