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AWS Security Audit

Identify vulnerabilities in AWS and ensure compliance with industry standards

What is AWS Security Audit ?

AWS Security Audit is a comprehensive evaluation process aimed at assessing the security posture of Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. It involves analyzing configurations, permissions, and settings to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure adherence to security best practices.

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Benefits of our AWS Security Audit

Improve AWS environments
Free Re-Testing & Reporting
Free Superior Remediation Support
Reduces the risk of data breaches

Common AWS Security Audit Findings

Access Controls

Inadequate access controls leading to unauthorized access to AWS resources.

3rd Party Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in third-party applications or services deployed on AWS.


Lack of encryption for data stored in AWS S3 buckets or databases.


Misconfigured security groups and network access control lists.

How does AWS Security Audit work?

AWS Security Audit works by conducting thorough assessments of AWS configurations, permissions, and settings. This includes utilizing automated tools and manual review processes to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities. Recommendations are then provided to remediate identified issues and strengthen the overall security posture of AWS environments.

AWS Security Audit FAQ

What is AWS Security Audit UK?

AWS Security Audit UK refers to the assessment process of evaluating the security of Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments in the United Kingdom to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with security standards.

Who conducts AWS Security Audits?

Qualified cybersecurity professionals with expertise in cloud security and AWS environments typically conduct AWS Security Audits to ensure thorough assessments and accurate identification of vulnerabilities.

What are the deliverables of an AWS Security Audit?

The deliverables usually include a detailed report outlining identified vulnerabilities, their severity levels, and recommendations for remediation to enhance the security of AWS environments. North IT will help your team with remedation, and a re-test once the remedation is completed.

HHow often should organizations perform AWS Security Audits?

Organizations should perform AWS Security Audits regularly, ideally as part of their ongoing security monitoring and compliance efforts, to ensure continuous protection of their cloud infrastructure and data.

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