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White Labelled Penetration Testing

Your pen-test partner for white-label pen-testing

What is White Labelled Penetration Testing?

White Labelled Penetration Testing involves offering penetration testing services under your own brand name. It allows companies to deliver security testing solutions to their clients without revealing the involvement of external vendors, maintaining brand integrity. Essentially, it enables reselling or rebranding of our penetration testing and auditing services while leveraging the expertise of our specialised security professionals without the employment cost.

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Benefits of our White Labelled Penetration Testing

Enhanced Brand Reputation
Cost-Effective Solution
Increased Revenue Streams
Access to Expertise

How does White Labelled Pen Testing work?

White Labelled Penetration Testing operates by outsourcing security assessments. North IT is able to work with your and your customer as part of your team.

We are able to offer a sliding scale discount of up to 45% of our costs for partners with a high turnover.

Our team are happy working remotely, on-site within the UK, or globally to deliver your projects.

White Labelled Pentesting FAQ

What certifications will the team have working under our brand?

Offensive Security, CREST, and CyberScheme.

Will there be discount for higher turnover?

Yes, we operate under a sliding scale from our standard rate for the first engagement to up to 45% discount for those partners who deliver a high number of projects.

Will White Labelled pen-test & audit reports be fully branded?

Yes, the pen-test and audit reports will be delivered with your logo, your corporate colours.

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