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Office Network Penetration Testing

Secure your business

Keep your business and confidential information secure from all potential attackers. New European GDPR regulations require your business to be secure and can fine your business if you suffer a data breach and it is mishandled. Stay clear from fines and keep your customer's happy with not having the breach in the first place.

Local Network, Infrastructure, and Server Pen Testing

Local infrastructure pen tests from our experienced security experts test your external network entry points along with internal network infrastructure via our BlackBox™ or a VPN.

This tests your internal security in case an attacker gains access to a local machine via a file attached to an email, a breached router, or a local access method.

By simulating a hack attack, using the tools and tricks of real-world hackers, we can uncover any weak points in your network or infrastructure.

Employee Access Level / Internal Pen-Test

Hack attacks can come from anywhere, including disgruntled employees or other users you give access to your systems.

Our user-privileged and internal pen test simulates an employee or other user in your system such as a low-level user with network access. Misconfigured systems can permit employees access to confidential information such as employment contracts of other staff on your network or shared drives.

Hackers can be local too

An optional add-on to office penetration testing covering WIFI and access points.

Most hacks are done remotely through proxies and servers in many other countries making them hard to find, but some more targeted attacks can be local. We've seen attacks from local competitors across the hall in a business centre, to a disgruntled member of the local community who wasn't hired. WIFI and other methods may allow attackers to gain access to your office network.

Our team can come on-site and test all secured, guest, and potential network access points so you can be confident your network is secure.

Please enter your email address to see if it's been leaked along with any other personal data or passwords. This is a free service, and we will not store your email address, but you have the opportuniy for us to store it and alert you of any new threats.